Tips for Landing Your First Job Out of College

Hello Friends!

Graduating can sometimes be the scariest thing in the world. You start obsessing over what’s next for me? What do I do with myself now? What do I even want to do with myself? The list goes on and on… If you’re out there right now and feel this way, no worries there are plenty of people that feel the same way that you do. Trust me. Here are some tips that I have for landing that first job out of college:

  • Start Early! What I mean by this is that it’s never to early to start networking. Look for internships in your field and start building those valuable contacts that could later land you the dream job.  
  • Be Persistent. This is twofold. Apply for as many positions as possible that you are interested in, but make sure you have follow up! All of the applications do not matter if you fail to establish communication with the employer. By being persistent with your communication efforts, it keeps you in the forefront of the employer’s mind.
  • Demonstrate Your Passion. Okay, when I say apply for all jobs you are interested in, what I mean is that if you go on applying for jobs that you lack interest in, the first one to know will be the employer. They can tell if you have a passion for the particular type of work/job you are applying for and more often than not, will hire those who demonstrate a true passion for the job.
  • Prepare. Don’t go into interviews without being ready. I used to think that I could do this, but it’s honestly not true. If you want a job, do your homework. Research the employer, figure out what they do, take some notes, write down some thoughtful questions, and finally when it’s time to interview, impress the employer with your knowledge! Another great way to prepare for interviews is to have a mock interview with either a career services center or even a friend that will be able to give you constructive feedback.
  • Ask Questions. It is surprising how many people fail to ask questions in a job interview. Seriously people, ask questions! Employers want to see that you are genuinely interested in their company and the best way to show them is to ask insightful questions. Also, asking questions is your way of interviewing the employers back. Get to know what they like best about their work, what company culture is like, future advancements in the position, etc. Check out this article from Lifehack, which has some great questions to ask an interviewer. I have used some of these in my interviews with great success!

For all you job seekers out there, Godspeed. Keep your heads up if you’re beginning to grow frustrated and remember these quick tips. Do any of you have additional insight you would add to this list for those in search of that first job?


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