Happiness Project Update: Change is on the Horizon

Hello Friends!

Having moved about two weeks ago, I finally got my Internet up and running just two  days ago! Being without Internet was a nice change and gave me some time to do more reading and exercise– both activities of which I enjoy but never seem to have time for.

I wanted to update my progress for my May Happiness Project. This month has been all about embracing changes in my life. My three tasks were to 1) move into my first one bedroom apartment, 2) cultivate patience through meditation, and 3) celebrate accomplishments both big and small though a bullet journal.

Here’s how things are going so far…


  • Move into a new apartment: Moving was stressful but also the best thing I did for myself this month. There’s nothing worse than living with someone who kills your vibe. While we may not always recognize it, some people can push their current emotional moods off on you if you’re not being careful (and sometimes those moods can be depressed or angry). I knew moving out was what was best for myself so rather than wait for two more months, I went ahead and did it.
  • Record daily accomplishments in a bullet journal: This has actually been my favorite task this month. I wake up each morning and find myself excited to write down my favorite part of what happened yesterday. It really helps give me that necessary reflection time each day to remember how special life can be.
  • Practice patience through meditation: I have not been able to meditate everyday this month as I had planned, but have been trying to fit it in whenever I can. I have found myself stressed during the moving process and used meditation as a way to help calm myself down from that stress.


Overall, May has been a great month for change. Not only have I been working on the three things listed above, but I also graduated and started a full time job as well! Hope all of you out there are also having a great month. What changes have you all been going through recently?


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